If the idea of hiring a high-class escort is getting more and more irresistible, then you should know some important things first. 

Fulfilling Sexual Desires – Escort Service is NOT All About it! 

Dating an escort instantly triggers a sense of sexual satisfaction. However, escort services aren’t just all about that. Your ultimate motto may be to take her to bed, but you should not haste. Remember, escorts are not prostitutes or porn stars. An escort is a person who spends time with you and gives you company. So, you should first clear your mind of all misconceptions and then connect with an escort. 

While chatting with her, get to know if she is comfortable with sex. It is also important that you clearly discuss your interests and fetish, and also know hers. This will help both of you to know each other’s choices well. The kind of escort service you book should depend on what you want for your money. But be clear and expressive about it. And most importantly, do not haste. 

Forget About Sex Right When You Start 

When it is time to meet up, keep sex away from your mind at first. Rather, consider it as a day full of quality companionship. A high-class escort has excellent etiquette and conversation skills. And that’s what differentiates them from prostitutes. So, take it slowly and begin the evening by taking her on a dinner date, a show or perhaps a movie. She can also make a great companion at any high-society party and will definitely make heads turn. 

Allow Her to Guide You 

If you are dating an escort for the first time, it is likely that you will feel uncomfortable and nervous. A good and experienced escort will understand this and take the lead herself. So, be relaxed, engage in romantic conversations, and feel sexy. A professional escort has the experience to make things memorable for you. 

Have a Long-lasting Experience in Bed – Start with Foreplay 

If sex is on your mind, give it some time before you get started with the real thing. To make the most of the time you spend with her, begin with foreplay. This way, you will get comfortable with each other, taking the step towards fulfilling your sexual desires. The longer you foreplay, the better and more exciting the session will be in the bed. You can expect longer orgasms like never before. 

So, do you get started with foreplay? Perhaps you may talk dirty to spice up things and make the environment more casual. Try caressing and kissing her passionately. You can also have her give you an erotic massage. It can help you unwind and relax before having a memorable sexual experience with her in bed. Many escorts are incredible at engaging in erotic foreplay that can stimulate your senses and leave you craving for more.

The longer your foreplay session lasts, the better you will enjoy having sex. So, this is a must to include in your schedule when planning to hire escort services to get intimate. 

Respect Her and Avoid Rudeness 

Just because you are paying for an escort does not mean you can be rude and badmouth them. You should treat them with respect the same way you want to be treated. Also, it is important to respect their boundaries when it comes to sexual fantasies. Typically, they have experience providing a wide range of services, but there may be some they are not comfortable with. 

For instance, many escorts are not comfortable with extreme sex fantasies such as fisting, anal sex, face fucking, threesome, bondage, etc. Many men love to smack and use foul language when having sex. This may not be acceptable to many high-class escorts.  You should know this and adhere to the agreed services only. Respect her choices and you will end up having a wonderful time in bed with her. 

The Bottom Line 

From the beginning to the end, treat her like a date. The more you see her as a date and less as a prostitute, the more comfortable both of you will be with each other. The buzzword is “respect.” Respect her boundaries and choices, and take things slowly. This will help you make the most of every money rather than hasting for the climax. After all, you should ensure that you get what you are paying for.