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SBI CLERK OR IBPS CLERK Which one is more easy

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                 SBI CLERK OR IBPS CLERK

which one is easy to crack SBI clerk or IBPS clerk I have recently find many queries related to this on many platforms like which one is difficult or which one is easy

Difficulty level of SBI  clerk and Ibps clerk is about the same But Vacancy in SBI are less than IBPS  because here there is one bank and other side there is many. I have just one solution here. practice well and practice according to the new sectional timing of prelims examination, make sure you give quality mocks and do proper analyse of every section.



Below is some analysis of SBI CLERK.. Hope this will help you 

English– Read the Hindu newspaper PDF daily. Initial you will find it boring as I was also weak in English but daily reading & consistent leads you to get excellent marks in English. I love to read this newspaper but you can read any newspaper as you like.


For pre and mains both-

Daily Simplification -20

Daily Approximation -20

Daily Quadratic equations -20

Daily Number series -20

Daily Di – 5 set

and daily 1 mock

Practice daily, never miss any day, if you think today that you cannot solve today or you are too much tired of practice then you can practice minimum 10 questions of each above given topic.

Arithmetic in the last 10-15 days before prelims & mains.


For pre- daily 7 puzzle & 7 seating arrangement and daily 1 mock.

For Mains- I watched 1 each video of coding decoding & distance direction in day 1 and similarly 1 each video of blood relation & in-output on next day(2). 10-12 videos of Alphanumeric series in last 10 days before mains only, because it is easy.

For mains puzzle, Everyone scares of that including me, bt I managed to solve only 3-4 puzzles in a week.

Note– Prepare all the 4 subjects daily, and be consistent on your study.

-To clear prelims, it hardly takes 30 days and I assure you it will not take more than 30 days if you practice daily. But it is important to note that, if you do not practice daily it will take more than 2 months to clear prelims.

To clear mains, it takes 45 days to prepare. But for the last 30 days before mains you must attempt 1 mock on an alternate days.

Advise to apirants – Stress does not help you. Fear pulls you back. I realised soon enough that not everything in life can be controlled & I never be afraid of failures just keep trying and feel free. So I would like to advise all the candidates to keep calm and confident and must prepare well and focus on their studies. Besides studies, candidates should eat healthy and sleep well. They should believe in their preparation and do the best. 

SBI CLERK 2021 Best book for preparation


Instead of thinking about the level of difficulty of bank examination(IBPS Clerk and SBI Clerk), you must think about the level of preparation you are doing on the daily basis.

  1. If the preparation is good enough then you can crack the both bank exams.
  2. Practice and patience play an important role and the level of skills and knowledge, are also useful in qualifying the examination.

All the best !!


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