Important Days in July 2021: If you’re studying for a competitive exam or just want to brush up on your GK, the list of Important Days in July 2021 is a must-read. This list contains days of national and international significance that will help you score well on static GK questions in competitive exams such as IBPS Exam, SSC, UPSC, State PCS, Teaching, and other Sarkari Exam. This can also be used to stay current and prepare for GD and Interview rounds in general. So, here are some key July dates to keep in mind.


Important Days in July 2021
Dates Special Days in July
July 1st Doctor’s Day
National Postal Worker Day
Canada Day
Chartered Accountant Day
July 2nd World UFO Day
July 4th USA’s Independence Day
July 6th World Zoonoses Day
July 11th World Population Day
July 12th National Simplicity Day
Paper Bag Day
World Malala Day
July 14th Bastille Day
July 17th World Day for International Justice
July 18th International Nelson Mandela Day
July 22nd Pi Approximation Day
July 24th National Thermal Engineer Day
July 26th Kargil Vijay Diwas
National Parents Day
July 28th World Nature Conservation Day
World Hepatitis Day
July 29th International Tiger Day

Important Days – Some of asked in IBPS online Exams

July 1st is on the list of important days in 2021.

A number of significant days are observed on July 1st. Doctor’s Day is celebrated to honour medical professionals and the medical field’s role in our lives.

Similarly, National Postal Day is marked to celebrate all those who work in the field of mail handling and delivery.

The province’s founding day is commemorated on Canada Day.

Since 1949, Chartered Accountant Day has been marked by one of the world’s largest professional financial organisations.

Tuesday, July 2nd

Since the year 2001, World UFO Day has been observed. The day is commemorated to raise awareness about life outside of television.

26th of July

It was on this day that the enormous Kargil conflict came to a close. The day is commemorated to thank the warriors who gave their lives to win the 60-day battle of Kargil.

National Parents Day is observed on the same day. This day is observed to honour parents’ unconditional love for their children.

28th of July

Every year on July 28th, World Nature Conservation Day is commemorated to raise awareness about the need of protecting the environment.

On the same day, World Hepatitis Day is held to promote awareness about the disease and to reduce its consequences.

29th of July

International Tiger Day has become a major initiative to protect tigers in other parts of the world.