Aside from investing in cryptocurrencies, some people also enjoy the income that comes from holding rewards, which are payments that are made to individuals who help monitor and verify the transactions of the blockchain. Unlike other forms of income such as dividends, staking rewards can be very risky. Via gambling 20Bet people also receive revenue.

What is crypto staking?

Staking is a vital component of the blockchain-based proof-of-stake system, which allows investors to confirm the transactions of a digital currency. To be successful in this type of investment, one must own at least one digital asset.

Through the blockchain, individuals can help verify the legitimacy of the transactions of digital currencies. They can earn a certain amount of cryptocurrency through this process, but this is not always risk-free.

Even people who do not have the necessary membership to join a blockchain can still participate in the staking process. For example, people who have a few coins can earn rewards through a third-party platform or an exchange. 

How much can you earn through crypto staking?

Depending on the platform used and the number of people participating in the process, the exact amount that you can earn through staking can vary.

For instance, if you are a participant in an exchange, you can earn rewards depending on the amount of coins that you have and the platform that you use. On the other hand, some platforms will give you a small portion of the reward, while others distribute the whole amount to you.

How to start staking your crypto

An exchange is an ideal platform for people who are new to cryptocurrencies and want to earn a bit of money by participating in this process. However, there are other platforms that can provide more opportunities.

Before you start staking your digital currency, it’s important that you let the exchange know that you want to participate in its program. Once the rewards are sent to your account, they will be deposited according to the exchange’s schedule.

The underlying cryptocurrency is volatile

One of the biggest risks that people who are participating in the process of crypto staking face is the price movements of the underlying digital currency. According to Rajcevic, even if the reward is 20 percent, you will lose money if the price of the currency goes down 50 percent.

Another issue that investors should consider when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies is the high price that they are being paid for the privilege of participating. Due to the nature of the digital currency, its volatility is much higher than that of other types of investments.