Signs of Nervous Exhaustion and Depression: Expert Opinion

Recently, depression has become fashionable – more and more often we explain any feeling of ill health and negative emotions with this word. How do you recognize that you or your loved ones are actually on the brink of depression?

The key sign of depression is a sudden change in behavior and attitude toward life. You used to be an active, outgoing person, and now you don’t want to see anyone or go out. You have always been calm and balanced, but now you snap at any reason and flinch at every rustle. Your social circle, interests, desires, aspirations are changing, although there are no objective reasons for this. In your eyes, everything becomes gray, and nothing can change the situation. Even if it’s a bright, sunny day outside, it seems cloudy to you, the sky is dark, the heat doesn’t warm you up. The whole world is gray: buildings, people, even the brightest flowers and greenery.

6 More Symptoms of Possible Approaching Depression

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Constant lack of energy, laziness and procrastination, unwillingness to get out of bed and even gambling at 22Bet India or watching Netflix often accompany depression. The body seems to fall into self-destructive mode, which provokes a decrease in immunity, the development and exacerbation of diseases, unreasonable headaches, muscle, and bone pain.


You become indifferent to how your loved ones feel, what others think, what is going on in your family, at work, in the world. Even the most precious things cease to care – for example, it becomes indifferent to what your children are doing. You aren’t interested in the news, give up once favorite hobbies, can not make plans and set goals.

Immersion in Yourself

This is the cause of indifference – people in depression are focused only on their feelings. Deep withdrawal into oneself is accompanied by constant chewing of mental garbage: old offenses, unprocessed traumas, unpleasant conversations, undone tasks, feelings of guilt, unfulfilled obligations. It’s easy to get drowned in this stream of wandering thoughts.

Unkempt Appearance

All the time energy is taken up by internal worries, and a person simply spits on himself and his image. Worn, wrinkled clothes, stale hair, dirty shoes, neglecting personal hygiene – all these signs signal an unstable internal state.

Inattention to Health

A depressed person can ignore the symptoms of disease, pain and discomfort for a very long time, not paying attention to the visual manifestations of the ailment. A common sign is the deplorable state of the teeth. A visit to the doctor seems like an unnecessary event because the person is concentrating as much as possible on what is going on inside his head. Here there are real health risks – it’s possible to take the situation to serious complications and the development of chronic diseases.

Eating Problems 

Eating disorders often accompany depressive states, although they may manifest themselves in different ways. Some people binge on their worries, some stop eating at all, some develop bulimia, and some eat only one food. The reasons lie in the psychological state, but the harm to health is quite physical. A sharp increase in weight provokes the development of diabetes and vascular disease, sudden weight loss critically affects the digestive system, and causes disruption of the endocrine system.